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Tim Wheater - Internationally Acclaimed Composer, Flautist, Sound Healer:-

"Kath Reade Brings A Wonderful Warm Insight To Her Unique Work With Sound. Endowed With An Extraordinary Voice And Healing Sensitivity, Her Abilities Are A Gift For Humanity."


Gill Roberts:-

The Relaaax Retreat with Kath has been one of the highlights of my life’

Gong Student Julie Bithell:-

'Kath taught me how to play the gongs last year. She shared her knowledge and expertise in a calm warm manner which I very much appreciated. Even her voice is therapeutic! I highly recommend studying with Kath Reade if you want to explore this sacred instrument.'

Chakra course student:-

‘You transcend into the mystical with your sound healing and I went there too, saw colours, felt my arms and stomach tingling and something deep shifted in me. Thank you so much.’

Sara Carter:-

‘Deepest love and gratitude Kath for you and your wonderful gifts of healing and celebration that you bring. The gongs you play have taken me on many deep journeys, always receiving the medicine I need. You are a blessing. I am so excited about the ' Sound Healing in Spain' event!”


'For the first time since my son's illness  I have been able to listen to your beautiful voice and shed tears which felt healing tears and not agony tears, and for this I thank you'

Michele Sabina:-

'Anyone who goes to a Gong Sound Bath with Kath Reade gets an aural experience of a lifetime. These sessions have healed me - simple as that.'

Ken Cook:-

'I would not miss an opportunity to have my molecules rearranged by Kath's Gong Sound Bath.'

Rachel Geldard:-

'Thank you, much appreciated. Gorgeous, restful, cleansing, healing, magical and beautiful experience as always. A weekly treat that I recommend everyone try at least once, especially to those who are busy busy and don't have much rest. This is an hour to recharge and take care of you as the gongs, bowls, and good vibrations work their magic through the fabulous Kath Reade.'

Jen De Tender:-

'Gorgeously Gonged again today in Hebden ... eternal gratitude to Kath Reade for creating blissful moments with accessible healing and harmony for low income people like me. Love you Kath.'

Linda Hodges:-

'Amazing session, and I feel completely rejuvenated.'


Thanos Konstantinidis:-

'The retreat opened new horizons for me. It's a great feeling. I have realised there is more than the conscious awareness of our body and its boundaries'

Suryah Magda Ray:-

‘Love you Kath. All you do and are. You are the real thing - authentic and true to you’

Elk Burland:-

‘I really enjoyed it and am experiencing some changes such as a much greater sensitivity and clarity with my emotions and increased unconditional love. Wow!’

Susan Stephenson:-

‘Thank you for such a beautiful retreat Kath’

Jen Deacon:-

‘Humble gratitude for the wonderful gong bathing, opening, timeless, formless......I would have said this to you then, but was speechless. What a gift you have been given!’