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What is a Shamanic Drumming Journey?

Blessing of the drums

As we breathe so shall we live

Then let our breath be filled with the rhythm of life

And let rhythm rain down like thunder

As we play so shall we live

Then let our play be filled with joy

And let joy rain down like thunder

As we make music together so shall we live

Then let our music be filled with harmony

And let harmony rain down like thunder

Bless this drum with the love that brings us together

And may love rain down like thunder.

I am the drum. You are the drum. We are the drum.








Think less - feel more. Let go.

Rhythm healing relies on the natural law of resonance to restore the vibrational integrity of body, mind, and spirit and bring greater balance and harmony within.

Resonance is the ability of a sound wave to impart its energy to a substance such as wood, metal, or the human body, making it vibrate in sympathy.

When we drum our body and spiritual energy centres begin to vibrate in response. This opens our energy meridians and chakras, releases tension and blockages, enhances our wellbeing and creative expression.

The drumming journey is a time-honoured Shamanic method of inner consultation to communicate with your inner self and your spiritual world.

The frequency of the drumming is important. Four beats a second induces a theta wave cycle in the brain - the dreamlike state between wakefulness and sleep - associated with meditation. Theta increases creativity, enhances learning, reduces stress, awakens intuition. At least 15 minutes of 4 beats per second drumming is needed.

You need only to journey within to find answers to your questions.

Three realms of consciousness:-

Celestial realm - inspiration, bring balance to the world.

Middle world - travelling communicating without means of travel to places and people we know in ordinary reality.

Lower World - realm of animal spirits, spirit guides and the dead, but we seek help and guidance from guardian animals or spirit guides, often to recover lost power.

Sound is power, and the first sound we hear is the pulse of our mother's blood. Drumming is the musical expression of this primal power.