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The Birth of Deepsong Gong Sacred Sound Collective

By Kath Reade, Sound Practitioner, Deepsong Sacred Sound, Hebden Bridge, UK.



Salutations to the ((((((Great…Om…..Never-ending…..Gong)))))

My Gestation of Heavenly Gong Playing and Divine Sacred Sound has been six years long, steadily growing. My Deepsong Sound Practice has been developing a growing following of ‘Gonginis’, as I lovingly call them, in the fertile soul-soil of beauteous ley-lined Hebden Bridge.

I have practiced my Deepsong Devotional Sound patiently and with deep passion, allowing a natural pace, studying with Tim Wheater, Don Conreaux, and Aidan McIntyre ….. My Qi Gong practice with Master Zhixing Wang always been pivotal in Qi sound creativity.

To them and to all those sound masters who have informed my work I bow in deep gratitude… (Mantak Chia, Susan Elizabeth Hale, Jonathan Goldman, Laurel Keyes, Billie Holliday, The Everly Brothers, Bach, Deva Premal, Krishna Das, John Beaulieu, Hans Cousto, Yogi Bhajan ….. Jonathan Barrett of www.soundtravels.co.uk, my wise advisor/provider of beautiful instruments ………).

Ah! So many Gongini Love-Warriors have been travelling with me through the valleys and peaks of our Gongs, Crystal and Tibetan Bowls, Wind-chimes, Bells, Shruti box, Chanting, Toning, Drumming, Solfeggio frequencies, and Loving Silence.

Profound Gratitude to each and everyone who has been, is, on this Sacred Sound Journey with me, to which our own Personal Development Journey is so closely bound.

More and more ask to be students, appearing at my elbow and refusing to depart, helping me with mundane tasks, passionate when they earn the Gong mallets, reverent towards the Gongs. I thought my 30 years of teaching were in the past. My Guides said, ‘Think Again’, and I am truly blessed to do this work, always with humility. I am following ‘A Path with Heart’ as Jack Kornfield puts it.

Our Great Sound Spirit Body Journey took its course naturally, never hot-house forced,

(Kath with GongMaster Don Conreaux)


And now, the Birth:

The Deepsong Birthing Pool was:…………………………..

THE THREE HOUR DEEPSONG GONG PUJA – 7/5/16. Yoga Centre, Hebden Bridge         

Earth, Moon, Sun, Symphonic (((Gongs))), and Bronze Italian Tam-Tam were played by:

Paul Reade                                                              

Deepsong Graduates:

Alison McCabe

Thomas Henfrey

Deepsong Student:

Andreas Nagel


Kath Reade

Such Continuous Waves of GongSong Vibrational Inspiration induced a Vision of my Present Path:

The Crystal Clear Vision was to Teach and Play Sacred Sound with Gong, Song, and Love in my Heart.

My Deepsong Teaching Formula: TECHNIQUE + INTUITION = INSPIRATION.

To Build a DEEPSONG SOUND ASHRAM - a Sacred Sound Collective of Spiritual and Talented Beings, each with their unique expression, Bringing Our Message of Universal Love and Peace, and Care for the Planet, through Deepsong Gong Sacred Sound Collective…Communing and Collaborating with Others.



During the Gong Puja Vision of my Path:

My head was wreathed in Angelic flames, with golden streams of energy flowing up and down between my Crown Chakra and the Cosmic Heavens.

My eyes were two blue pools of deep ocean, with eternal Whalesong, spiralling.

My bare feet were beautiful roots of the compassionate Willow tree, held in the firm ground of Mother Earth.

Golden discs of pure energy travelled through my limbs and organs.

A Sacred Benevolent Snake clarified my bloodstream, purifying and cleansing with its mouth.

A White Horse, a Unicorn, stamped and whinnied, with flying mane and tail, it’s pale eyes soft with Love.

A powerfully muscled Cougar on a 60 million year old rock, watched me steadily with my eyes, for I was She, and She was me………

She opened her mouth and these words came out in 528hz…’You must keep moving, singing, dancing, over the rocks or you will die’…………..

The Divine Quartet of Ancestor -Women –Watching- Over- Me smiled by my side.

We have worked together, inspired by the gongs, becoming evermore creative and in tune with the indigenous wisdom of the world, birthing our vision of SHA – GONG, a fusion of Shamanic practice and Gong playing for global peace, all-out friendship, and harmony with the Earth

AND SO SHALL IT BE…(((((((((((Great…..Om……Never-ending……Sha - Gong))))))))))


Kath Reade


This work © 2016, by KATH READE (B.Sc.(hons)., M.A., P.G.C.E., Dip. Sound Consciousness, Gongmaster, Reiki Master, Cert. Counselling Skills.)

(And while I write, a long-tailed Coal tit appears, fluttering at my window ... – Namaste!)