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                             Tom Henfrey


Thomas Henfrey has been training with Kath Reade since November 2015, and became Deepsong's first trainee associate in January 2016. He is an experienced and highly trained shamanic practitioner, having undertaken extensive study at Lendrick Lodge with teachers such as Sandra Ingerman, Stephen Mulhearn, Peggy Dylan and Woody Gruber. On the advice of his helper spirits, he is adding sound healing techniques to his established repertoire of healing practices, which include extraction, soul retrieval, power retrieval, spirit removal, curse unravelling, breath work, and healing with light. In other areas of life, he has a doctorate in Environmental Anthropology based on two years in-depth research with indigenous forest dwellers in Guyana, and nowadays works at the interface of research and grassroots environmental and social action, with positions at the Schumacher Institute and the Centre for Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Change at Lisbon University. He is widely published in academic and non-academic fields, and actively involved in the Permaculture, Transition, Ecovillage and Community Energy movements, including as an elected Council member for ECOLISE, the European network of community-led sustainability initiatives.

Alison Dhuanna


My name is Alison Dhuanna and I am an Astrologer and Priestess. I became interested in sound healing through the work of the musician and mathematician Hans Cousteau who worked out the sound frequency of the planets. I have trained in the Qabalisitc Tradition as a Priestess in my late 20's and have also practiced 'the Shields' shamanic practice for 7 years. I have facilitated pilgrimages to Sacred Sites on Anglesey and the Orkney islands which have a special resonance with sound vibrations. I would like to offer Sound Gong baths to celebrate the beauty of Earth and Cosmic cycles, The Goddess and to incorporate ritual into the Gong Bath. Astrology has led me through many Priestess traditions such as Druid, Mayan, Greek, Sumerian and Egyptian cultures and I would love to bring this knowledge to the Gong Baths. I am also a poet and am about to publish my first poetry book Lilith Queen of the Night. I am a great believer in the magic of words and the human voice as well as instruments, cosmic sounds and silence.


Longh-ihm Martine Chapman


I have worked in the field of Child Education, focusing on Early Years Education, including children with special educational needs.

I have also worked with adults who have special needs and also in rehabilitation, and with Asylum Seekers and Refugees.

Looking for a less formal working environment I worked in Wholefood Co-operatives for some years, and later in an Out of School Club setting.

I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to live and work at a Sufi-type Community for 5 years, in the 70's and have more recently been studying with a Sufiway teacher connected with this lineage, Elias Amidon, participating in an Open Path training programme in Non-Dual Awareness (very much work in progress.)

I participated in helping to set up DanceCampNorth and am especially interested in Dances of Universal Peace – chanting with movement and also Circle Dances.

I am interested in many aspects of Healing. I qualified in On-Site Acupressure Chair Massage.

I wish to develop Sound Healing, using musical instruments and voice. I have enjoyed singing and chanting with a Tanpura and also Indian Harmonium and am looking forward to using Gongs, Singing Bowls and other Percussion Instruments.

Jules Cooper


I am a yoga teacher and Reiki Master based in Harrogate.  I bought my first gong in March 2016 - a 32" Symphonic.  I've experienced first-hand the healing of gong baths, and how the gong seems to find its way to your hidden depths.  I've always come out of gong sessions with a great sense of peace, acceptance and progression.  It is my aim to combine Yoga with the gong, to deepen healing on all levels. My journey is just beginning....

Andreas Nagel


My name is Andreas Nagel (Andy) and I am a Reiki Master Teacher of 18 years, teaching since 2002.

I co-owned "The Purple Patch healing and spiritual centre" in Fremantle Western Australia until my move to Sydney NSW

I'm an intuitive spiritual healer, working within the Auras and Chakras, cleansing, clearing, centring and healing the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical body, using crystals, sound, essential oils, smudging and flower essences.

Vibrational sound healing using my Native American Indian, deer skin healing drum, rain stick and Tibetan cymbals.