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Spirit and Sensuality – Sound Retreat

Catalonia, Spain


Friday 10th June to Monday 13th June 2016

(Dates fit in with Ryanair flights Manchester – Barcelona Girona)


With Kath Reade



We will again be in the sunny rural haven of Sant Nicolau in Catalonia between the mountains and the sea, listening to nightingales and breathing mountain air, enjoying the sun! – see www.ruralcostabrava.com


Ryanair flight to Girona Barcelona (40 min drive) or Eurostar train to Figueres (15 min drive)

You need to arrive on Thursday 9th June and depart on Tuesday 14th June unless staying longer by arrangement with Helen at Sant Nicolau. Contact Helen on infosantnicolau@gmail.com

Car hire or car hire share STRONGLY recommended www.carjet.com (Sant Nicolau down a mile long track). Airport lifts by arrangement if no car.


(Afternoons free to relax by the pool or explore the area.)

GONG SOUND JOURNEYS with sound healer Kath Reade each day in the open air.

We are a symphony of vibrations, as is the whole universe.  We will resonate and harmonise our body, mind, and spirit with sound and movement....which will energise our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual essences.

We will expand all levels of consciousness through Gong Sound Journeys, Tibetan and Crystal Bowls, Shamanic Drumming, Ocean drum, Chanting, Toning and Singing, Solfeggio Pipes, chimes and Shruti Box and more.

GENTLE YOGA FLOW daily to warm up and revitalise the body with the vivacious Suryah Magda Ray...breathe, stretch, connect and find inner stillness with a gentle one- hour session each day to compliment and open up the body to receive the powerful sound frequencies of the gong.

DANCE MANDALA -The wonderful Shaku will lead daily dances of mandala, ecstatic and stillness modes to all kinds of world music.

SANGHA Gathering daily with Kath. Group coming together to exchange our highest truth in mutual support.

DAILY MINDFULNESS MEDITATION, relaxation techniques, and options for massage, qi gong, poetry and music.

We will overcome the illusion of separateness, symbolically uniting the male / female energies (the Shiva-Shakti energy) through our dance, song, gongs, & drums.

Many of us feel isolated and detached in our lives. We will transcend the duality of disconnection. We will dance, sing, meditate, and commune into a collective consciousness of unity and awakened enlightenment.

You will return home on winged heels, buzzing with resonant harmony and purified energy, feeling fitter, lighter, relaxed and restored. Filled with the energy of compassion that is released through sound & silence, and ready to reach for your dreams.


Swimming pool, tennis court, country & coastal walks by the snow-capped Pyrenees. Sea 30 minutes away by car.


£325 single room in shared self catering cottage.

£290 shared room.

Includes Retreat plus 5 nights’ accommodation in a self catering cottage.

A non -returnable £100 deposit will secure your place

Payment in full by one month before the retreat begins, i.e. by 9th May 2016.

(See Retreat Booking Conditions Deepsong website)


Paypal / Bank transfer / cheque payments: please click here to email us for the details


Please click here to email Kath or phone 07881 646353 with any question and we will do our best to help.

BOOK SOON only a few places left.....Click here or phone / text 07781 646353

Some comments received:-

“The retreat opened new horizons for me. It's a great feeling. I have realised there is more than the conscious awareness of our body and its boundaries” – Thanos Konstantinidis

“Love you Kath. All you do and are. You are the real thing – authentic and true to you” – Suryah Magda Ray

“I Really enjoyed it and am experiencing some changes such as a much greater sensitivity and clarity with my emotions and increased unconditional love. Wow!” – Elk Burland

 “Thank you for such a beautiful retreat Kath” – Susan Stephenson

“Humble gratitude for the wonderful gong bathing, opening, timeless, formless......I would have said this to you then, but was speechless. What a gift you have been given!” – Jen Deacon


Gong sound bath for the Mayor of Ordis

Gongs in the sun


Fun in the pool!